Blood Donation & Health Check Up Camp organized by Aryans Group



27 January 2018


Aryans Institute of Nursing and Neelam Hospital, Near Rajpura today organized a Blood Donation & Free Health Check Up Camp at Aryans Group of Colleges, situated at Chandigarh-Patiala Highway, near Chandigarh. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Shikha Gupta, MBBS, MD, DNB Neelam Hospital. Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the function.

9 members team of blood transfusion from Neelam Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Vainy Aggarwal, MBBS, MD Pathology conducted thorough medical checkup of voluntary donors and selected the eligible donors to donate blood. Specialists including Dr. Rakesh Gautam (Orthopedics), Dr. Amandeep Singh (Medicine), Dr. Rajkumar Punia (Pediatrician) conducted health check up camp.

Dr. Shikha Gupta appreciated the special initiative taken by Aryans to provide health care services to meet the needs of the Indian population & also to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community through this health camp. Dr. Shikha also applauded for reaching out to the needy people with health solutions.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group while motivating the students said that a person can save 3 lives from 1 unit blood.  He added that these camps are a great boon to the patients in emergency need. Kataria added that objective of the camp was to encourage more people to come forward Frequent blood donation will help in reducing the risk of cancers and preserves cardiovascular health. Donors also have a much lower risk of falling prey to life-threatening diseases.

Over hundreds of people along with their children from nearby villages visited the camp and underwent health checkups by the team of specialist doctors and were given consultations and medicine free of cost. A total of 55 Units ofblood were collected by the students and staff of Aryans.

Dr. Parveen Kataria, Director General, Aryans Group said that worldwide millions of lives get saved every year because of blood donation and many more can be saved. She added that the college is looking forward to organize such camps on regular basis as Blood is Life and blood donation is noble cause.

Dr. Raman Rani Gupta, Director, Aryans Group said that such camps will kindle a spirit of social service in the student community. Quoting the benefits of donating blood, she further said that it helps to maintain healthy heart, increases red blood cells production, helps in decreasing body weight and on top of it improves the psychological health as it gives a feel good factor.

Dr. Raman Rani added that “None of us can survive without blood in our body and Blood Donation is a service to the society”. She appreciated the students who donated their blood. “It feels good when people come forward for a noble cause, especially when we see enthusiastic feeling of youngsters for mankind” She added.


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