BJP National Schedule Caste Morcha Vice President Ramesh Chander Rattan addressed media in Chandigarh



16 January 2019


“Congress party has been obtaining votes in the name of development of Schedule Castes in India since Independence but have failed to start even one successful program for the Schedule castes. They announced many schemes but none was ever implemented because of which the social and economic development of Schedule Castes has remained negligible over past 6 decades.”

BJP National Schedule caste Morcha Vice President Ramesh Chander Rattan said this in the press conference organized by Chandigarh BJP SC Morcha at the BJP office Kamlam at Chandigarh. He was accompanied by Organizational Gen. Secretary Dinesh Kumar, Chandigarh State Vice President Ramvir Bhatti and Bhimsen Aggarwal, SC Morcha President Krishan Kumar and BJP Chandigarh Media in-charge Ravinder Pathania.

Ramesh said, every time Congress party has been in power, they have insulted the father of Indian Constitution B. R. Ambedkar. Throughout their tenure Ambedkar was neither awarded the title of Dr nor was he awarded Bharat Ratna. Congress has always been deceiving the ‘Dalits’ of the country and today every ‘Dalit’ feels cheated. All limits were crossed when after the death of Baba Ambedkar, charity had to be collected by people to do his last rites. On the other hand, the BJP government led by Prime Minister Modi venerated Baba Ambedkar and implemented several programs for development of ‘Dalits’.

Dr. Ambedkar presented the first copy of the constitution to the President of India on November 26, 1949. Modi government declared November 26 as Constitution Day. Modi Government built a memorial for the same with a budget of over 200 crores. Modi Government also bought the place in London where Dr. Ambedkar completed his studies and converted it into his memorial. Prime Minister Modi declared the five important places related to Dr. Ambedkar as places of national pilgrimage and gave great respect to Dr. Ambedkar.

In 2015, Modi government amended the SC/ST Atrocities Act of 1989 to add 25 more atrocities raising the total number to 47. It also provisioned for fast track courts, private advocates and doubled the compensations. In 2018, when the Supreme Court put stay on some provisions of the act, Modi government again presented the bill in the parliament and got it passed. This rendered the stay by the Supreme Court nullified and provided great relief to the SC/ST communities.

Prime minister also introduced the ‘Jan-dhan Yojna’ in which over 33 crore bank accounts were opened, in which majority of the beneficiaries were from SC/ST community. ‘Jan Suraksha’ Yojna provided insurance to over 20 crore people. 1.25 crore people were provided affordable housing. Over 15 crore people were provided loans under Mudra Yojna. Over 13 Crore people were given insurance cover of 2 lacs under Prime Minister’s Jyoti Bima Yojna with a nominal premium of 12 Rupees. Over 6 crore people benefitted from Ujjwala Yojna, under which free gas connections were provided. More than 9 crore toilets were constructed under the Swach Bharat Yojna. Under Sukanya Vridhi Yojna, over 1.5 crore bank accounts were opened to empower women. SC/ST communities are the largest beneficiaries of all the above programs.

He said, Prime Minister Modi has made earnest efforts to bring equality to SC/ST communities of the country and his slogan ‘Subka Saath, Subka Vikas’ speaks for itself in his actions.


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