BJP National leader Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal asks Questions to both Punjab CM, DGP



14 February 2019


National Leader Bharatiya Janata Party Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal said that We Congratulate the New Director General of Police Dinkar Gupta Who was Director General Intelligence Punjab Police prior to be appointed the Director General of the most prestigious Police force in India.

Grewal said that our Punjab Police Officers and jawans have laid down there lives, sacrificed there families and set exemplary records for there peers to follow.
He said, Since yesterday a photo is going viral on the phones of every country loving punjabi which has shaken it’s belief in the Punjab Police. Taking this photo as an example . So, I Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal as a representative of the peoples faith ask the following 12 Questions to both the Hon’ble CM. and Respected DG in the public domain.

Grewal said that I have no personal I’ll will against both, bur as a citizen of India feel is my birth right given to me by my constitution to ask from my Government and seek the truth for my country men.

  1. DG please clarify if photo real or fake.
    2. If Real why did he and his wife go to seek blessings from Pak national
    3. What is the Relation of Hon’ble CM to Aroosa Alam of Lahore Pakistan. If the CM busy to answer then Please as DG of state and as the Former DG Intelligence Shri Dinkar Gupta should answer the people.
    4. Is it true that Aroosa Alam is known as “Chottee Rani Sahiba” and all officer of the State have to report to her. May be the DG can clear the air.
    5. Does Aroosa Alam have a valid visa. To stay in India. If so then Visa details should be produced. If not by CM then by DG.
    6. The CM blamed the Pakistani General Bajwa for killing Indian soldiers. If it is correct then why is pakistani national staying in CM house. And does he or the DG ever discuss state matters in front of her.
    7. Is Aroosa Alam willing to convert to Sikhism as our ladies converted to Islam when the mugal ruled.
    8.  What buisness is her son doing in London and is any state help being given.
    9. What are her feelings on plight of punjab farmers.
    10. How does she react to the broken roads of punjab when she travels with Hon’ble CM.
    11. What are her views on Our most Hon’ble PM.
    12. How does she reacts on Kashmiri separatist calls..

Grewal said that he once again stress he have no business to comment on any ones private lives. But if that private life is going to interfere in my security and my countrymen security I will ask again and again.


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