7 July 2018

Cardiovascular exercises only helps you to loose muscle weight and usually people get bore with same regular exercises everyday. This was the reason Zumba and Aerobics got their place in gyming. But now another revolution has taken the world by storm and that is our very own Bhangra. Bhangra has become current favorite in not only Punjab gyms but also in Mumbai, Delhi, South Indian cities, Canada and many more places in World, says Abhishek Gagneja, Managing Director, Ultimate Fitness Gym. He further added, “It not only burns your calories but also keeps you entertained and excited for the session which is why it is now more popular in gym culture.”

Ultimate Fitness Gym was inaugurated on Saturday at sector –9D Chandigarh by Mayor Davesh Moudgil, Miss Asia Fitness physique Shweta Rathore and Mr. India 2018 Puneet Sandhu. 

Shweta Rathore, first female to win  Miss world  fitness physique &  Miss Asia fitness physique inaugurated Ultimate Fitness Gym at sector –9D Chandigarh .While encouraging residents  especially women to workout Shweta Rathore said that  opening of these kinds of fitness centres is the need of the hour and urged the youth to join the fitness centres to keep their body mentally and physically fit live life fully . She further added that there are a few mantras of fitness which keeps one motivated and help  to channelize  thoughts in a positive way. Chandigarh Mayor Devesh Moudgil was also present at this moment.

Mr. India 2018  Puneet Sandhu  informed at the moment that Self-care ,exercise ,eating lighter and healthier works wonder. First International professional trainer sanjeev Kumar who has 14 years’ experience in fitness industry informed that we need to be fit both mentally and physically to lead a complete, fulfilled life. He further informed exercise in any form can help fight even stress and depression.

Abhishek Gagneja, Managing Director, Ultimate Fitness Gym said that I came up with a belief that a fit and a healthy body leads to a good quality life, & he is on a kind of mission to raise the level of fitness and wellness of people by uprooting their misconception regarding health exercises and fitness through dissemination of scientific research done in this field and creates a major additional change in their lifestyle. He further added that we aim to take our services to as many   health-conscious people as possible.


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