20 January 2023


City University in Canada today honored the best performers of North India in a program organized at Hotel Taj today.  The university organized this program to elaborate upon the  programmes offered to international students.

Around 25 Education and Immigration companies from North India participated in this seminar.  City University is located in Vancouver, Canada where hundreds of students from North India go to study every year.  This university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs to the students.

In today’s event, City University’s International Recruitment Team said that we offer flexible programs for students so that they can choose according to their convenience. Having 6 bands in the IELTS exam, students who have already completed a degree in India can earn a second degree in Canada in just 18 months.

Top Performer Award given to Make Study, Most Consistent Performer Award to Canam Consultants, Award of Service Excellence to Charms Education & Immigration Services, Globus Overseas Consulting and Silver Fern Education Consultants, Most Promising Agent to DBC International and The Horizon Group, Best Institutional Partner given to Pyramid College of Business & Technology, Highest Visa Success Rate Benchmark Abroad and Award of Service Excellence was presented to Western Overseas Consulting.

City University’s International Recruitment specialist Hemant Kumar informed that we offer 4 terms in a year- January, April, July and October.  Students can choose any one as per their convenience.  Our programs are designed to provide maximum benefits and convenience to the students and be affordable at the same time.


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