3 April 2023


The Minerva Academy, popularly known as The Factory, has helped many footballers make it to the top clubs and the Indian team. Now the name of Belgian footballer Triman Ranveer Singh has also been included in this. Minerva director Ranjit Bajaj will represent him in Indian football so that he plays for a top club. He has given everything to play football for India. Triman started his game in Belgium and has been a part of Dutch top division club FC Hilversum.
Triman Ranveer Singh said that it is a big deal for me that I have become a part of India’s top soccer club Minerva Academy. This academy has given many legendary footballers to India and now I want to fulfill my dream from here. I’m 18 years old and I started my game in Belgium. My dream is to make a name for myself as a professional footballer in India and for this I will start training at Minerva.
He said that coming to India from Belgium was not difficult. My friends helped me a lot in this direction and they kept motivating me. Apart from this, my family also had full support in this. Even my father has a big hand in my career. It is because of him that I have been able to reach here.
Ranveer said that Minerva Academy will help me to go ahead in Indian football. Here is all that can lead me to my dream. I would especially like to thank the club director Ranjit Bajaj. I met him for the first time during the I-League and then met him during a training session at DFC. He has supported me in every way. My dream is to play the World Cup and be a part of every major tournament for my country.


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