Haven’t you thought of getting perfect Skin? All we think about is applying makeup and products on our skin but forget to take care of the basic things about Skin Care.
Skin care is very important. If your skin has lot of problems then taking care of it from inside becomes very necessary.

Instead keeping in mind the most important points of Skin Care helps a lot.

Today our Expert Sonia Kapoor is discussing Basic Skin care Dos and Donts:

Drink water
Drink a lot of water. More than you drink per day. It cleans your skin from inside. Applying makeup on your face doesn’t help until your skin is not cleaned from inside.

Avoid makeup once
Makeup is something many of us can’t resist to apply. But for good skin it is necessary that you avoid makeup once a week. It is also very important that you clean your makeup before going to bed. Let your skin breathe.

CTM twice a day

Do CTM ( Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) twice a day, in morning and before going to bed. It is must for good skin. It is like a Skin food. It cleanse pores, toner maintain the PH Balance and moisturizer makes the skin smooth as well as keeps the elasticity of the skin.

Don’t rub your Face

Many people are habitual of rubbing their face with towel or handkerchief. But this is not correct. Whenever you wash your face, patt it dry with soft hands. Rubbing your skin can make it sag afterwards.

Remove makeup before sleep
Before going to bed remove makeup gently with makeup remover. If you don’t have a makeup remover, you can use coconut oil to remove your makeup. Coconut oil easily removes all the makeup and you don’t even need to rub while removing.

Don’t keep touching skin
If you have pimples on your skin, don’t touch it with hands or don’t try to pull them out. It makes them worse and spreads the bacteria all over your face.
Otherwise also don’t keep touching your face all day with hands as our hands carry many bacterias.

Proper sleep

Having proper sleep helps your skin in feeling refreshed. You should have proper 6-8 hours sleep at night. It will make your skin glowing.

Sunscreen is must 

After doing CTM it is very important to apply sunscreen before going out. You need to reapply your Sunscreen after 2-3 hours. SPF50 sunscreen is best for summer and humid season.

CETM once a week

CETM (Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning and moisturizing) should be done once a week. For exfoliation use mild scrubs only. Don’t try harsh scrubs on your skin.

Upward application

When you apply anything on your skin, be careful to apply it in upward direction. Otherwise it will make your skin sag in long run.

Don’t wash face frequently 

Some people are in habit of washing their face within 2-3 hours all day long. Keep washing your face too frequently at regular intervals can take away the natural moisture of the face.


Sonia Kapoor, Cosmetologist and Beauty expert, Chandigarh 

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