Barsha Dance Co holds finale dance presentations



22 December 2018


Barsha the Founder of Barsha dance company(BDC) and Gautam Sinha, a Former Principal at Imperial Fernando Dance Co (IFDC) and an expert in ballet, trained students in different dance forms in a intensive boot camp held for 20 days. After the boot camp the young dancers showed their learning in a grand finale held at the BDC studio here. Deepak Sharma, President , BJP, Panchkula district , was chief guest and Harinder  Malik, General Secretary BJP , Panchkula district, was guest of honour.

“As part of our social responsibility we also trained children living in slums. These kids gave a scintillating  performance of the dance steps they learnt on the catchy Hindi song ‘Vo Krishna Hai’ . We wanted to give a chance to these kids who I feel have the talent but are not provided with the right training and platforms to showcase their skills.” Said Barsha. Fourteen children danced beautifully on ‘Vo Krishna Hai.’ As many as 30 young children gave presentations in dance forms like ballet, Bollywood, bhangara, belly and contemporary.

Gautam Sinha who runs his own dance academy in Guwahati, Assam has come to tricity to promote the very elegant dance form of ballet. He has learnt the finer nuances of the dance form from an Argentinian and has also presented Bolshevik theatre at the Russian Embassy in Delhi. What’s more, this young dancer has also performed ballet in musicals based on the famous stories of ‘Romeo  & Juliet’ and ‘The Sleeping Beauty’.  He has  also performed the famous Swan Lake Solo .

“I am a graduate in ballet and started ballet at the age of 18 years. Apart from classical ballet I have also learnt, modern ballet, modern contemporary, jazz and Argentinian tango. I trained some young ballet dancers at the boot camp and I feel that there is a very happening culture of learning newer forms of dance in tricity. There is room for great growth in propagation of ballet in this region.” Said Gautam Sinha.

Meanwhile the dance presentations left the audience awestruck , as the young dancers enthralled the viewers with their excellently choreographed dance steps.


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