Badal’s drama to return Padma Vibhushan, Sikh community wants Badal to return ‘Fakhr-e-Qaum’, never did anything for Sikhs and farmers: Rajinder Singh Badheri

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3 December 2020


Rajinder Singh Badheri, National Leader, All India Jatt Mahasabha and Director, Punjab Mandi Board, slammed the return of Parkash Singh Badal’s Padma Vibhushan saying that it was just a political drama of Badal. The fact is that Badal has returned this award to restore his lost credibility in the political arena.Mr. Badheri said that it was wrong to give the title to Mr. Parkash Singh Badal. He did not make a mark. The BJP had made a mistake in awarding the title. The award was given only because of the husband-wife relationship between Badals and the BJP.Mr. Badheri said that Gurbachan Singh, former Jathedar of Akal Takhat Sahib had also made a big mistake by giving the title of ‘Fakhr-e-Qaum’ to Parkash Singh Badal as Badal had been the Chief Minister for five times but never for the welfare of Sikh community and farmers. He has only taken care of his family and has done a lot of damage to Punjab and Sikhs by joining hands with BJP. That loss will take years to repair. Mr. Badheri appealed to the Sikh community and farmers not to trust Mr. Badal at all as the Badal family was playing tricks to improve their political position. The Badal family has neither cared about Punjab and the farmers nor does it care anymore. It is just shedding crocodile tears.


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