26 August 2022


In present times health is the top most priority of all. A healthy human being is considered an asset to society but this idealism is not true for specially abled people who are equally unique and integral part of humanity. They have their own terms for health and their individuality can’t be compared with others.

Samarth Jiyo, Sect 15, Chandigarh is a home care unit for specially abled people. The unit has thirty plus inmates which are attended with much care and motherly zeal. The unit is taken care of by Ms. Pooja Ghai who has dedicated her life for the cause.

Ms. Puneet Madan, an internationally acclaimed artist and a social substance coordinator who has conducted several workshops earlier for inmates decided to celebrate her birthday on Aug 26, 2022 with inmates by bringing joy of art and skill to them. She brought art of ‘Flowing colours’ to them and the results were wonderful. The inmates exceeded the expectations. They enchanted & celebrated with each stroke of art.

The session was joined by Prof. Pushpinder Syal, Air commodore Nitin Sathe, Ms. Suneet Madan, Ms. Meena Sharma, Mr. Keshav from Camlin, Dr. Arun Bansal, Social Substance and students of Panjab University, Chandigarh. Ms. Pooja Ghai expressed her joy and happiness over the conduct and thanked social substance for organizing this event.


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