Ananya Kamboj writes letter to Punjab Education Minister to start exclusive and dedicated radio school in Punjab to mitigate impact of Corona virus outbreak



14 May 2020


The General secretary of State Youth Council, Punjab, Ananya Kamboj on Thursday wrote a letter to the Punjab Education Minister, Vijay Inder Singla urging him to start a dedicated radio school for the students in the state. In her letter, Kamboj said that as the human kind is going through a tough phase and alternative ways are required to tackle the problem in every field.

“The impact of Covid-19 continues to disrupt the world and there is much uncertainty within the school education sector as to what this means to the future of students. A wide range of stakeholders including students and parents are anxiously seeking answers on this front. Along with health devastation, the impact of Covid-19 is forcing schools/institutions and classes to close, leaving students stranded. The risk of more closures of institutions is obvious.” She said.

Kamboj said that this is a challenging moment for everyone and the programmes being run by education department through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. are need to be appreciated. “As such, I would like to propose to set up an exclusive and dedicated radio school in Punjabi language to mitigate the impact of Corona virus outbreak. The purpose of this special educational radio program is to provide regular study material to students of the state at home during the lockdown period. It has a deep penetration into villages and is much simpler to operate. I request to make it compulsory for all the students to listen to this program regularly and continue their studies.”

She said apart from this radio program, class-wise and subject-wise interesting educational material will also be made available to students from time to time through teachers.

A special task force for school education consisting of experts from government, educational institutions (both public and private), think-tanks and student groups to plan, implement and coordinate actions in addressing the concerns and foreseeable risks posed to the school education sector and students must also set up.

On behalf of National Youth Council of India, Kamboj offered every possible help from the council in educating and counseling the school children in Punjab.


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