18 February 2021


He is all heart, philosophical, even holds a degree in Agriculture and cattle raising but refuses to be a part of today’s rat race. Meet Jogi, the befikraa who runs a tabela and a dairy in Amritsar. His mantra in life is ‘Insaan paison se nahin, khushiyon se ameer hota hai’, thereby finding joy in the smallest of things in life. She, on the other hand, while being extremely proficient with all her ghar ka kaam is also  the first girl in Amritsar to drive a taxi for female passengers and aims to start an all-female cab service. Meet Mahi, the motivated multitasker who is betaab to contribute to her family by making a mark of her own. Adept at juggling a number of priorities, she isn’t one to neglect housework while she endeavours to build a career out of her passion for driving cars and lives by the motto – apne shaukh ko vyavsai banao. Zee TV’s new primetime show is a love story based in Amritsar – Teri Meri Ikk Jindri that follows the lives of Mahi and Jogi, two seemingly opposite personalities whose distinctly different outlooks towards life and happiness do not come in the way of their love. Television actors Adhvik Mahajan and Amandeep Sidhu who play the leads visited the city of Chandigarh today in their character looks and spent a day interacting with fans and members of the media.

Ever since it premiered on the small screen, the show has opened up to immense appreciation from the audience for its endearing characters as well as authentic portrayal of the city that the show is based out of. Mahi and Jogi seem to have made a place for themselves in the viewers’ hearts if the initial response is anything to go by. Viewers are apparently eagerly waiting for a romantic angle to brew between them!

Amandeep Sidhu who plays Mahi said, “I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better character than Mahi to essay as my first lead role. I knew that I was perfectly fit for the role of this spirited Punjabi girl and was really thrilled to begin exploring her journey. I love her zeal to contribute to the family for a better life and her deep sense of passion to achieve things matches mine. This particular characteristic  of Mahi really helped me connect to her personally.” Sharing her experience of visiting Chandigarh, Amandeep mentioned “Visiting Chandigarh is always like coming back home.  The people over here are like my second family and I am immensely grateful to them for all the love and blessings that they have given to me and my show. While in Chandigarh, I do make it a point to shop from the local markets and gorge on the delicious kulchas and chole bhature  that the city is famous for. Of course, interacting with the people is the highlight of any trip and I hope  to once again visit Chandigarh and spend some more time in this city.”

Popular TV actor Adhvik Mahajan who plays Jogi shared, Jogi as a character is very different from all the other roles that I have enacted. Ofcourse, while there is a very colourful and peppy Punjabi side of him that I absolutely connect with, there is  also a very profound aspect to his personality that makes him different from the rest. He doesn’t dream or aspire big but manages to find utmost joy in the simplest of things which honestly, I find to be a very evolved trait in him. Viewers have really appreciated my earlier performances and characters and I am very sure that Jogi will find a place in their hearts as well.” Sharing his experience of visiting Chandigarh, Adhvik mentioned, I am from Jalandhar, so visiting and spending time in Chandigarh has always been a part of my fond childhood memories. A part of my family resides here so, whenever I visit the city, I do make it a point to meet them as well. There is a nostalgic feeling that emerges every time I visit Chandigarh and I absolutely love engaging with the people. They have been extremely kind to us and I am grateful to them for their support and love towards our show. I have enjoyed every bit of being a part of this city and I do hope the people of Chandigarh shower immense love on my character and our show.”

While viewers eagerly wait for Mahi and Jogi’s union, it seems like a new hurdle is set to arrive in Mahi’s life, going by the name of Arjun (Akash Mansukhani) who decides to ask for Mahi’s hand. Meanwhile, Jogi who has always considered Mahi to be his close friend wishes to propose to her unaware of the celebration that Mahi’s family is having on receiving Arjun’s proposal. Adding more chaos in Mahi’s life, Pappu ji (Manoj Chandila) wishes to get her married off to one of his sidekicks in an attempt to destroy her life. Will Mahi ever find her true love in Jogi?

Tune into ‘Teri Meri Ikk Jindri’ at 8 PM every Monday to Saturday only on Zee TV


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