3 June 2020


Abhishek Tiwari and his brainchild ‘Poetic Atma’ is taking the e-platform with storm. His start-up NGO Poetic Atma is Organising E-Litfest. Ever since the lockdown started in India, he started Facebook Live Sessions on Poetic Atma’s social media pages, in which he and his team invited renowned persons from all over the world, from USA to Canada, South Africa to Australia, Dubai to Oman.

He has Invited poets, writers, celebrities from all the continents. In the month of May, he created a record of organising maximum number of E-Litfests. Few of them are Global E-Literature Festival, Kevian Literature Festival, Tamaashabaaz Literature Festival, Jashn E Hunar’s first E-Art Festivals.

Apart from this, he has started Bollywood Diaries, in which he has invited many renowned actors and actresses, directors, producers, singers, musicians, composers, fitness experts, cameramen, photographers etc. His main aim is to keep everyone motivated and spirited during lockdown times.

Where many people are committing suicides, Abhishek Tiwari is helping everyone to stay motivated and for this, he has started a session called Positive Talks – Abhishekism. He is also giving training in the art of organising webinars, which is free of cost for the beginners who want to start their own community.

He is working with the Ministry of Defence and is currently posted in Shimla, but during the lockdown he is living at his hometown- Lucknow. So from his laptop and mobile, he and his teammates of Poetic Atma have been uplifting people, so that they can engage themselves in positive activities.

His team mate, Diipsun is looking after the Creativity, where Dr Naveen Gupta, a Professor of Punjab University and Zubair Ansari are providing technical assistance for the cause. Under the supervision of Zubair, they have started online Urdu Learning Sessions and basics of Poetry sessions.

Abhishek Tiwari won 5 Gold Medals during his Masters, 4 during Bachelors and 4 during the Certificate course. He is pursuing his Ph.D in Legal Studies from SKD University, Rajasthan.


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