23 February 2019


In our day-to-day lives, we spend a lot of time resisting and pushing back, refusing to accept the current moment of reality. We believe that we have made free choices to reach the current moment and things could have been otherwise—but is that really true? Could we be like a fly on the side of a cart wheel, moving up and down, experiencing happiness and sadness, imagining itself as the cause of the movements, while the cart trundles along with a much larger purpose of its own?

A Fly on the Cart Wheel by Bhupendra Suri is a debut philosophical novel that push you to question many of your most fundamental assumptions about reality, and could trigger a paradigm shift in your perspective on life. The book was released at Chandigarh Golf Club here today. Author Suri is the country head for one of the world’s top multinational companies, currently positioned in Lagos, Nigeria. The book has been published by Vishwakarma Publishing and the literary agent is The Book Bakers.

While speaking to media, Suri said, “This book is an intense search for the true nature of reality, presented through everyday life events and as a dialogue between friends in simple language. The goal is to question some of our most fundamental assumptions and to arrive at a completely new understanding of the reality we inhabit. This new paradigm, once firmly entrenched within us, will automatically push us towards living to our highest purpose and potential on this planet!”

“It is an intelligent and purposeful universe with infinite potential that we inhabit and anyone who deeply understands how this infinite intelligence participates with its creation, will truly be set free to live to his or her highest potential!”, he said, adding, a personal, life-changing experience in 2003 laid the foundation for this book.

Giving a sneak preview of the book, the author said, “An unexpected dream sparks a feverish search within Amit, a corporate executive, as he meanders through some real-life situations and finally discovers some mind-blowing answers which change him forever.”


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