11 April 2023


To weave society, family and poignant relationships in the form of poetry, then to present it in a strong way before the society and to force the readers to think seriously, this is what the writer does. This gives direction to the society from one condition. Senior litterateur poet Prem Vij has presented one such book Kaath Hota Aadmi to the readers through 61 poems.

Kaath Hota Aadmi, the 20th book of litterateur Prem Vij, was released by Panjab University Vice Chancellor Renu Vij and former MP and Additional Solicitor General of the Government of India Satya Pal Jain at the office of the Vice Chancellor in Panjab University. During this, Raj Vij, wife of litterateur, Jai Dev Cheema, father of Vice Chancellor, KK Sharda, president of Acharyakul, Chandigarh, litterateur Dr. Vinod Sharma, poet Neeru Mittal were present with him who appreciated this book of Prem Vij and emphasized that it was a must read it for all classes.

Born in a middle-class family in Jalandhar city of Punjab, Prem Vij was fond of reading and writing since childhood, but after the elder brother was martyred in the 1962 war, the responsibility of the family fell on his shoulders, due to which he had to stop his studies. When he got a job, he simultaneously completed his MA, LLB through private and evening classes while fulfilling his passion for studies.

Due to his interest in writing, he wrote 19 books, in which his first book was the geography of the satirical crowd, which was highly appreciated by the readers. He wrote another humorous satirical book behind the scenes, for which he was also awarded by the Language Department of the Punjab Government. Earlier, he was honored by the Punjab Government for his collection of poems, Nihathi Ladte Ladte Rahe.

Prem Vij is the President of Samvad-Sahitya Akademi, Chandigarh, and has also been the former Secretary of Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi. He has been awarded several times at the international and national level by various prestigious literary forums for his writings. His 19 books are based on poetry, story and critical writing. He has also written a book on radio journalism. He has also been awarded State Award by Punjab Government and Chandigarh Sahitya Academy Award of Recognized and by Language Department, Punjab.

Senior litterateur Prem Vij told that during his writing journey, he felt proud to be associated first with Sakshi Sahitya Manch and later with Samvad Sahitya Manch. Regarding the book Kaath Hota Aadmi, he said that this book is a collection of poetry. There are 61 poems in it, which are threaded in the form of poems about society, relationships, family, environment. It took him 6 years to write this book. He said that in the title poem of the book, Kaath Hota Aadmi, the adverse conditions of the common man have been mentioned very well.

The book depicts the experiences of life that happen to everyone at some point. He felt everything very deeply before writing the book. The book is a living mirror of society. In the book, the soldier’s box, the officer’s son, the mother, the stranger’s poem, describes the deep relationships. Another poem Umar is now showing colors, and is the expression of the elderly.

He said that Kaath Hota Aadmi portrays the life and struggle of the common man in the poetry collection. Readers will feel the environment or struggle around them while reading all the creations of the book.

Writer Prem Vij’s book Kaath Hota Aadmi will be available for readers from Monday at Punjab Book Centre, Sector 22.


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