8 May 2023


The second day of the 3rd Chandigarh Music & Film Festival (CMFF) was packed with informative events and reports from some of the biggest names in the film and music industry. Actors Vinay Pathak, Yashpal Sharma, and Rakul Preet Singh shared a precious and varied time with enthusiasts on the island stage of the festival.

 Hailing the CMFF, Rakul Preet Singh said, “I feel proud to be a part of the 3rd Chandigarh Music and Film Festival which is a reflection of the enthusiasm films and music bring for everyone associated be it the artists, fans, budding film makers and all . I believe, artists should keep working hard, give their best, believe in oneself, and keep learning to become a better version of you. This shall be the step towards making things happen.”

 Mr Rajesh Sharma, Festival Director of the Film Festival, said, “We are delighted with the response of the 3rd Chandigarh Music and Film Festival. Our aim has always been to provide a platform for emerging talent and established artists to showcase their work and connect with their fans. It has been inspiring to see so many talented individuals coming together to celebrate the art of filmmaking.”

 On second day, festival showcased a variety of films and short films, adding to the experiential and enlightening atmosphere. Discussions revolved around the future of the industry, challenges facing filmmakers and the importance of storytelling. The second day of the festival was a resounding success and raised the bar for future events.


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