50 Bedded free Covid Care hospital at the Sports Complex Govt Sr. Secondary School Sector 8 Chandigarh



20 May 2021


In current pandemic when Corona has entered villages and lower echelons where neither any facilities are available nor any proper treatment could be given Sri Sathya Sai Gramin Jagriti comprising a few citizens of town is setting up a 50 Bedded free Covid Care hospital at the Sports Complex of Govt Sr. Secondary School Sector 8, Chandigarh. For this purpose, the organization has been making elaborate arrangements for the care and well being of patients, especially those drawn from the under-privileged sections of the community at large. The center is providing recreational activities yoga, CCTVs for monitoring the patients, TV Screens, Wifi, Intercoms, and public address system etc. for keeping the patients lively and in happy atmosphere. 
The large hall which has been converted to covid care hospital, is very well ventilated and has exhaust fans and pedestal fans etc. to eliminate the heat. 

Bharat B Gupta, Satish Garg and Rohina Khullar, the spokespersons of the organisation, the patients shall be provided a free kit containing essential items including toiletries etc. The organisation has made arrangements of Oxygen Cylinders, oximeters, essential medical equipment and supplies and is expected to receive a few Oxygen Concentrators to start its operations smoothly. It has already engaged 08 doctors, 12 nurses and adequate paramedical and support staff for this purpose. Amar Vivek Aggarwal, one of the functionaries informed that people drawn from villages and colonies etc. who are now being affected of covid in large numbers, shall be given good facilities without any charges, which is the key speciality of this centre. The patients will be given food, fruits and liquids and fluids in addition to the requisite medicines.

The forum is relying upon the citizens of tricity to support the daily running costs of this care facility.

Society is exempted U/s S. 80G of IT Act and the registered under FERA for foreign contributions.


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