22 April 2020
While the Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in many changes in our lives, being isolated at home for long spells can be made a little easier with the help of the right tools, schedules, and mindset. Here are ways you can make the most of your time at home by staying connected, and adopting habits that keep you safe and healthy.
Stay on top of the right information around coronavirus: 
During these testing times, having access to authoritative data and information is all important. Simply search for “coronavirus” and you will  see a Knowledge Panel that delivers quick access to authoritative information from sources like MoHFW, World Health Organization, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and find the right information on symptoms, prevention, treatments, statistics, and recent news. 
You can also visit on your smartphone to find comprehensive information on COVID-19 including key helpline numbers, educational content about symptoms and protection, known treatments, and a running snapshot of global and Indian statistics. On smartphones this resource is available in Hindi, Marathi and English, and on KaiOS feature phones it is available in Hindi and English via Google Assistant. 
Stay in (virtual) touch more often
Pick a time in the day to check in with your best friend, a parent, or even a long-lost classmate with a video call. Use Google Duo to experience high-quality video calls, whether you’re catching up one-on-one, or with your entire crew. Speaking of groups, you can now use Duo to conference with up to 12 people simultaneously — more than most other calling apps — and enjoy smooth video even when network connections are spotty, thanks to the data saver mode. 
Keep the kids engaged and entertained
It?s one thing to read about the rich wildlife of our planet, but sometimes the easiest way to wrap your head around information is to see it. Keep the kids entertained by bringing these animals — life size — right into your living room. From great white sharks to Shetland ponies, you’ll be able to view and interact with 3D animals and place them directly into your own space, giving you a sense of scale and detail. Just search for one of the select animals, and you’ll get an option right in the knowledge panel to view them in 3D and augmented reality.
Eat healthy to stay fit
Try your hand at a few new recipes and raise your food IQ to make more informed choices. A simple search can help you find details on the functional benefits of many ingredients (like turmeric) but their positive health impacts, especially at these times when immunity is important. Check out the YouTube playlists we have curated on topics from tips for preventing spread of the virus, to working from home more effectively.
Pursue your Hobbies
Immerse yourself in what you’ve always been meaning to take up: try your hand at origami, learn to juggle, paint and more. The YouTube India Spotlight Channel is now host to numerous playlists around the themes ‘Cook with me’, ‘Workout with me’, ‘Dance with me’, ‘Meditate with me’, ‘DIY with me’ and ‘Draw with me’, and feature videos for most major Indian languages.


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