23 February 2023


The annual 4th Edition of Sikhlens: Sikh Arts and Film Festival, 2023 will witness the screening of as many as 20 films from 8 countries in Tagore Theatre Chandigarh on 25th Feb 2023. Brought by Pinaka Mediaworks, Rolling Frames Entertainment has support of the Chandigarh Administration, the Department of Cultural Affairs (U.T), the Government of Canada, and the United Sikh Mission. The films from various countries include India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Pakistan, Malawi, and Singapore.

The event will have the gracious presence of Diplomats from the Govt of Canada and the UK. They will be delivering their keynote address at the festival. Canada-based Author and Curator, Karen Dosanjh will share her experiences in documenting and filming the hidden histories: The Sikh Migration Path to Canada.

There will be a World Premiere of two documentaries, One Beat and Hidden Histories: The Sikh Migration Path to Canada.

“One Beat” is the story of Education and Free Healthcare, which showcases the towering efforts of free healthcare facilities to the underprivileged and ensuring medical education facilities in the small town of Bhira, in Uttar Pradesh, India by American-Sikh Bahadur Singh.

Hidden Histories: The Sikh Migration Path to Canada showcases the historic milestones of the first South Asians who migrated from India to Canada in the early 1900s.

The Indian premiere of the following films will be held:

Okra King, Children of Partition: An Oral History of Pothoharis, Tilla Jogia, Kala Singa and Jitt De Nishaan and Badlaav.

The key highlights of the event include the following:

· Trailer launch of Sikhlens Publications Book – “The Legend of 1972 – Like Hockey & Beyond”

· Launch of Sikhlens Calendar 2023 – Hidden Histories: Pioneer Sikhs in Canada

· Announcement of the Next Dates of the Festivals in the UK, Canada, USA, and India 2024

A day-long program from 11 am to 9 pm will be packed with screenings related to Sikh heritage and culture, showcasing and creating awareness for Sikh-centric work from around the world with a particular focus on cultural stories related to the Sikh and Punjabi Diaspora across 8 countries and the high-spirited philanthropic work. Sikhlens, through its ‘Destination ‘S’ and ‘Project S’ programs, provides funding and filming scholarship programs for filmmakers both Sikh and non-Sikh, whose projects aim to bring inspiring stories about Sikh history and heritage into the world’s mainstream conversation on race, ethnic harmony, justice, and spirituality.

There will be a Gatka performance by Shaheed Baba Deep Singh ji Gatka Akhara in the performance segment of the festival.

An exhibition of 5 artists displaying more than 1800 heritage artifacts and contemporary art at the courtyard of Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh is also planned on the day of the festival which will showcase enormous ancient Heritage Sikh Artifacts, and Art Produced by various record-holding and artists, and artists with disabilities.

A dedicated pre-event cultural and literary symposium featuring 25 speakers at Goswami Ganesh Dutta Sanatan Dharma College, sector 32, Chandigarh will be held on 24th Feb, one day before the screening event at Chandigarh. It will be covering diverse topics related to documenting Sikh history, the challenges of reporting and projection of Sikhs in mainstream journalism, Expression of faith and Philosophy, Social Responsibility of Actors in playing their roles, Sanjha Punjab – Expression through poetry beyond borders, Communication challenges for Disabled, Philanthropic Communication and The journey of Sikhlens.

Bicky Singh, Founder, Sikhlens stated that Sikhlens 2023 in Chandigarh will be our fourth annual Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival in India. We will be showcasing the beautiful culture and heritage of Sikhs from around the world. We look forward to seeing you all on February 25th. Our programs have expanded since last year, and we are hoping to connect with new and emerging artists from the Diaspora, with more patrons to support film scholarships.

Ojaswwee Sharma, India Head & Festival Director, Sikhlens India informed that already 3 successful festivals in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively had been held. This year there is a great line-up of original films, a large pre-event symposium, book and calendar launches, a performance, and a large display of heritage art and books from around the world for the city audience this year. Our focus this year is on the diversity of the Sikh Diaspora and the inclusion of Community Initiatives. People of all age groups will find their interest, in either film, the symposium, the unique never-seen-before display, and performances planned for this year. Entry to the festival will be free for all and would be graced by towering Sikh and International personalities.Each year, we are happy to bring forth new stories of the diaspora and community work, and artists from across India to the global map. The response is just heartwarming!

The journey of Sikhlens in India so far has been very promising. The festival is held every year at Tagore Theatre, which is attended by thousands of visitors from across India and Abroad


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