3 May 2021


300 people in the age-group of 18 to 44 were administered the COVID vaccine at Fortis Hospital Mohali on Monday out of the total 380 vaccinations which included 45 and plus.

Dr Anita Sharma, Additional Director,  Department of Lab Medicine and Dr Parvinder Chawla, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine said, “In keeping with its commitment to community for COVID safety & management, Fortis Mohali started with the third phase of COVID vaccination today. With this the circle of vaccination has been increased to all the adult population from 18 years onwards.”

They informed, it is mandatory for people wanting the vaccine to register themselves on the COWIN site ( and book their appointment for vaccination at Fortis on their desired /available day. The rest of the process of verification, billing and vaccination happens on site.

The doctors informed, “The hospital at present can cater to about 400 people as of now. Owing to a huge demand for these vaccines there may appear to be a dearth of slots. However it’s the endeavour of the hospital to ensure a regular availability of vaccines so that maximum people can avail this opportunity to stay safe. However, people would bear in mind certain facts while coming for their vaccination. They should not be having signs and symptoms of COVID. They should not be in quarantine and  If COVID recovered, they must ensure a gap of 4 weeks after recovery. In all such situations it is advisable to defer the vaccination for some time  to get maximum benefit out of it.”

The vaccine being offered at Fortis Hospital is COVAXIN from Bharat Biotech that has been recently confirmed to be also effective against the present circuiting strains of SARS-COV2 including  the Indian variant. It is an inactivated vaccine and hence there is no risk of getting COVID 19 from the vaccine. Nevertheless, catching the virus in the present pandemic is a strong possibility especially if COVID appropriate behaviour is not adhered to. And just like any other vaccine, it takes time for the body to generate adequate immunity after vaccination; in the case of COVID vaccination, it takes two weeks from the second dose to deliver maximal protection.

The major advantage is that COVID vaccines provide near 100 percent protection from severe disease and hospitalisation and thus must be taken by all to ensure safety for oneself and the near and dear ones. Vaccination along with COVID appropriate behaviour seems to be the only solution to deal with this pandemic and is the need of the hour, added the doctors.


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