Zee Punjabi has paid tribute to Bhagat Singh on his 114th Birth Anniversary!



22 September 2021


In the contemporary world, sacrifice is just a word no one knows what it is meant to be; the words, the visuals all are just a fake call to its justification. Then there is a name ‘Bhagat Singh’ which is a clear definition to it (sacrifice).

Recently in their upcoming episode, Zee Punjabi is trying to pay tribute to the legendary-fearless-brave-courageous Bhagat Singh on his 114th Birth anniversary. They have perfectly narrated about him as they will take you to the times through the audio- visuals where the incident of Bhagat Singh’s mother in the courtroom and to name a few. Further Jupinderjeet Singh narrates his story how he found Singh’s pistol and the story behind all this.

Despite this, in their Saturday’s episode they have invited Ramanjot Kaur, a young mountaineer from Punjab holding the world record in mountaineering in Saturday’s episode. In the same episode you will see Bhajji paying respect to Dr. Sonika by touching her feet.

Furthermore in their another show Hasseyan Da Halla Season 2 they have planned Jungle theme (Mowgli Mahesh) to entertain their audience in Sunday’s episode and to give the warm aura to the audience they have Ali brothers(Trio) with their mystical voices on set. Also they have Preet Harpal and Hashneen as their guest on Hasseyan Da Halla Saturday’s Episode.  

All in all, they has planned many more surprises to entertain you this weekend with Punjabiyan Di Dadagiri at 7:00 pm and with Hasseyan Da Halla season 2 at 8:30 pm through a bank full of patriotic vibes, suspense, thrill, comedy, fun etc. from every nook and corner of the entertainment world. So stay tuned with Zee Punjabi to fill your hearts with abundance of entertainment and enjoyment.


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