19 March 2019
The sparrows in the cities are disappearing, the main cause for this is that now people are building concrete houses in which sparrows cant build their nest.

Now in the cities, this sparrow is not seen, but there are some people who are a nature lover and are trying their best to protect them, one of them is Raja Vikrant Sharma, a promising student of SD College and a resident of 452 Sector 11, Panchkula.

He believes that if we make arrangements for the sparrow to live in our homes, then this bird will return back to our cities.

Let’s start from our Home-

We should start with our home. First of all, the sparrow has to be given a home where they can feel secure. If you are building a new house, then you can leave a space for the sparrow.

Raja has placed half a dozen sparrows houses in his own home. Today there are more than a dozen sparrows in those houses. He has kept a bowl of bajra, “kanki” rice and water in his garden

He told that he practises organic farming in his garden so that sparrows are not devoid of natural food.

Along with this, he has also built a wooden house and “squirrel feeder” for the squirrels.

Raja will now run a social awareness campaign for conservation of the sparrow in tricity in collaboration with the Hind Education Society by providing the wooden sparrow houses to the people at a mere cost.

More Steps:

– Make a wooden sparrow house in your homes.

-Keep a bowl of grains of water, “kanki” rice and bajra in your garden.

-Practise organic farming


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