6 June 2019


Prakriti-The Environment Society of PGGCG-11, celebrated World Environment Day in a very special way. The Society organised the following events for the children of teaching and non-teaching employees of the college.

  1. Painting and decorating the pot.
  2. How to plant a sapling in a pot and post plantation care of the same.                                              3. Poetry recitation regarding cleanliness, environment protection, health and hygiene.

About 15 children in the age group of 4-8 years took part in various events. They planted and decorated the pots. They were taught how to plant the saplings in the pot and were also told about the post-plantation care. Youngest child Garima recited a beautiful poem on Health, Hygiene and Cleanliness. Principal of the college, Prof. Anita Kaushal lauded the efforts of the society and asked the children to do their best for mother nature and play a very proactive role in conserving the environment by planting more trees and not using plastics.


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