Webinar on Constitution Day organized by Govt. College of Yoga Education & Health, Chandigarh



27 November 2020


To commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India, Government College of Yoga Education and Health, Chandigarh, organized a webinar on “Constitutional Values and Fundamental Principles of the Indian Constitution”.

The webinar was graced by Honourable Mr. Justice Shri Vijender Jain, former Chief Justice Punjab and Haryana High Court who was welcomed by Dr. Sapna Nanda, Principal of the College. While highlighting the significance of the Constitution Day, she read out the preamble of the Constitution of India. The webinar Commenced with the explanation of salient features of the constitution by Mr. Kulwant Singh.

Honourable Mr. Justice Vijender Jain, Chief Guest for the occasion in his address comprehensively explained the values and fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. Justice Jain remarked that the ‘Constitution of India’ lies at the foundation of the world’s largest democracy. This is the supreme law in the country’s democratic framework and it continuously guides us in our endeavours. The Constitution is also the fountainhead of our democratic system of governance and our guiding light.

He laid special emphasis on the right to good health and urged everyone to imbibe yoga in their lifestyle and lead a happy life in individual interest and in the interest of society at large.

Keeping pace with the times, the college has already conducted about 10 webinars in the last few months on a variety of topics concerning public good and this webinar was yet another attempt by the college to enrich the audience with the insight of the field. The live streaming of the webinar was joined and watched on the college Youtube Page. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPREwVqRmPY)


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