Why can’t I wear a short? Just because I am Fat, have bigger thighs and butt? So what? How that does even makes sense?

I have to ask all the people out there who are they to decide what should I or even any plus size girl wear?

Yes, I am a Plus Size Girl who has heavy thighs and bigger butts. I don’t have a flat stomach either. Even my arms are quite heavy. And this gives me the equal right to decide what looks good on me and what not. I can wear whatever I feel like and whenever I want to.

Why only slim or Skinny girls are allowed to wear short dresses, Skirts and denim shorts? And we, Plus size girls are asked to cover our body with suits or traditional clothes only? I won’t say I don’t like traditional clothes. They are my favorite. I love wearing suits and sarees a lot. But there are times when I feel like wearing short dresses as well.

I would like to recall some of the incidents where I faced discrimination for wearing a sleeveless top and a short dress.

I love wearing sleeveless tops a lot and I have so many of them. Last year I bought a new white color sleeveless top and wore it for the first time. But when I went out people started staring at me like hell. I was forced to wear shrug upon that. But as that was a woolen shrug I wasn’t comfortable in that. I decided to take it off and one of my colleague started lecturing me about wearing tops with sleeves as I have bigger arms and it doesn’t look good.  When I told him not to tell me what to do, he asked a senior lady to teach me that I need tops and dresses with sleeves. Like… he tried to embarrass me for wearing that top. But obviously, I am not a girl to compromise my own choice; I kept showing off my arms whole day.

And it was not all; I keep listening to these useless advises all day from people. This year in February I went to a trip to Jaipur with my Family. I bought a pretty white dress for Valentine’s Day but it was knee length. As we didn’t get tickets for other dates, I had to spend my Valentine’s Day in Jaipur only. I decided to wear that dress and as I was with family I thought to wear stockings under it. We went to Museum and Hawa Mahal, when we were coming back from Hawa mahal I started feeling that I am not comfortable in those stocking as they kept coming down due to the shape wear I was wearing under my dress. I thought it’s better to take those stocking off because it was also too much hot there. All the other girls were wearing shorts, capris and something like that. And at last I took them off.

As we entered Amer Fort in Jaipur, People started staring at me like they have seen an Alien. All of them including Girls, aunties and uncles were looking at me and making me uncomfortable. Even one of my family members told me to wear stocking again but I refused. I was so much comfortable without stockings and was enjoying my trip. But people… You know them, instead of seeing Amer fort all of them were busy looking at me and then whispering something to their friends or partners. Only people I saw making me comfortable were Foreigners. They didn’t give me a strange look and were enjoying their own selves.

The only thing I have learned from these experiences is, People gonna say so many things to teach you how to live your life and what to wear and what to do. But that only matters when you pay attention to them. The problem is Men feel turned on while looking at our bigger thighs and other body parts and Girls are just jealous that they don’t have those sexy legs and butts. Basically most of them are insecure about their own bodies and needs. That is the only reason people keep lecturing Plus Size girls when they see them enjoying their life.

So All the plus size girls out there, flaunt your bigger body parts, be it thighs, butts, arms, stomach or anything you feel comfortable. Coz nothing gonna matter in the end, only how you lived your life and took right decisions at the exact time.







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