VS Hospitals honours Cancer Survivors



23 July 2018


VS Hospitals honoured cancer survivors who were treated at the hospital by organizing an event “Celebrating Life.” Around 150 Cancer survivors including children participated in the event. Actor Gautami Tadimalla, Founder – Life Again Foundation shared her experience at the event.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Subramanian – Chairman, VS Hospitals said, “Over the last five decades of my journey in treating cancer patients, the survival rates have dramatically increased for most cancers. Our arsenal is much stronger with the induction of novel therapies like Immunotherapy and the advent of targeted drugs for a wide range of indications and the results are there to be seen. Cancer is no longer a death sentence. We are able to completely cure patients when detected early. Improvements in the area of molecular genetics has greatly helped both in the early detection and personalized treatment of the disease. Many in this audience are living proof that cancer is just another disease and coming out of it is very much achievable after all.”
“With today’s growing healthcare costs, I encourage everyone assembled here to ensure that their family is covered by health insurance “added Dr. Subramanian.
Actor Gautami Tadimalla, a cancer survivor herself shared her ordeal with the disease, “Detected with breast cancer at a young age of 35, my approach to life has completely changed. Now, I take nothing for granted and know the value of every minute.” She emphasized the need for survivors to share their journey with others to emphasize the importance of early detection and the need to support patients who are fighting their battle with the disease. She encouraged women to overcome their inhibitions and seek medical help when affronted with breast cancer, which is the leading cancer among women in India.
Survivors who spoke at the event retold their stories of how they went through the highs and lows of their fight with cancer and how it is satisfying to be up here to tell their story, to inspire and support the millions who are currently facing the same situation. There were plenty of emotional moments throughout the evening, but one thing was certain – A diagnosis of Cancer far from being the end of the road – is today the beginning of a beautiful journey of rediscovering life – a true celebration of life.


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