14 April 2024


In a spirited celebration of health and vitality, the capital city witnessed a remarkable event as S. Iqbal Singh Lalpura, Chairman of the National Commission of Minorities, flagged off the Vaisakhi 5K Run in Delhi alongside 113-year-old Marathon Runner Fauja Singh, popularly known as Turban Tornado, under the aegis of Dr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Padma Shri awardee. Dedicated to the theme of “Say No to Drugs,” the marathon served as a rallying call to motivate youth towards a healthy lifestyle and away from substance abuse.

The marathon, organized under the banner of the World Punjabi Organisation Vaisakhi 5K Run, saw over 3000 enthusiastic participants take to the streets of Delhi, all united in the cause of promoting a drug-free lifestyle. The event was graced by the presence of numerous dignitaries from the World Punjabi Organisation, adding to the fervor of the occasion.

In a significant announcement, Dr. Vikramjit Sahney unveiled two empowering schemes aimed at Punjab’s youth in the Banking, Finance, and Insurance (BFSI) and Aviation sectors. Through partnerships with IFM Fincoach and Frankfinn Institute, the schemes will facilitate pre-job offers with free training and scholarships for aspiring professionals, respectively. The initiatives, under the banner of Sun Foundation, underscore the commitment to equipping youth with the skills for a brighter future.

The vibrant atmosphere of the run was underscored by the presence of Turbanator Bikers leading the saffron-turbaned runners, symbolizing unity and strength in the face of adversity. With the resounding slogan “Har Maidan Fateh,” participants marched towards victory against drug abuse.

The run concluded on a high note, with colorful Bhangra performances and spirited displays of Sikh Martial Art Gatka, underscoring the celebration of culture and resilience.


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