VASER® Lipo – a gentle body contouring procedure with smooth results and fast recovery in Ludhiana



11 August 2018

Kulbir singh kalsi

With the changing trends, many people choose to undergo cosmetic body contouring procedures, considering the risks involved, many of them are now looking for safer, less painful alternatives to traditional tumescent liposuction. Keeping up with technology and customer need, Dr.Prerna Mittal at Cocoona refine aesthetic clinic, is now using the much talked about VASER Pro to meet patients’ demands for gentle body contouring procedures that produce natural looking results with minimal downtime.

An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER Pro uses advanced ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape the body.  The sound energy is transmitted through small probes that diffuse the ultrasound waves and liquefy the fat for easy removal.  The sound energy is gentle enough that it can break apart only the fat, preserving important nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues to promote smooth, predictable results with fast recovery.

Mr. Sanjay Bhutani, M.D., Bausch & Lomb India says ’’ It has always been our endeavor to provide world-class product & technologies to Indian customers. Bausch & Lomb has been marketing Vaser since 2014, with this vision. We provide only US FDA approved Aesthetic Devices to Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists in India. Vaser has brought liposuction into the 21st century and has amazing versatility for both fat removal and more advanced body sculpting technique. It is one of our most hot selling product in India. We are glad to partner with Cocoona Refine Aesthetic Clinic to launch our first Vaser in Ludhiana by Bausch & Lomb & wish the all the best! ”

Dr. Prerna Mittal, plastic surgeon says “There has been an increasing need to feel confident to keep up to the challenges of day to day life and the need to have a positive body image of oneself cannot be overstated. Both the young and the old dream of an ultrafit body and all the healthy benefits it entails. Punjabis with all their spunk and spirit always demand the best and we are extremely happy and proud to have the first VASER installation by Bausch & Lomb in the region.’’

She further added that, ‘’Indeed, it is the safest, surest and most reliable option to get rid of stubborn fat and acquire the coveted six packs, shapely pectorals and athletic outlines for your body.

It is mostly a day care procedure, does not need overnight stay in the hospital and does not hamper routine activities post operatively.

Ours is a clinic with international panels of doctors with highest safety standards and protocols in place. We believe in delivering the best always.”

The VASER Lipo System is FDA cleared for body contouring & over 100,000 procedures have been performed worldwide. Clinical studies of the procedure have demonstrated excellent results. In a recent study, blood loss during the VASER Lipo procedure was found to be on average 7.5 times less than with traditional liposuction.

“The VASER system is a wonderful tool for fat reduction procedures,” Dr. Sanjay Parashar, consultant plastic surgeon from Dubai says , “The new High Definition Liposuction is spreading across the globe. It is a method to not only eliminate fat, but to chisel the body as if you had been working out for hours in the gym. In spite of extensive workouts, it is difficult, if not impossible; to achieve the refined, sculpted body that is so much in demand today. VASER is a safe method of transforming your body from an ill-defined appearance to an outstanding shape that shows well-defined muscles”.

 He adds that  “Vaser Liposculpture is a remarkable technique that is revolutionizing the art of sculpting the body. What Michelangelo achieved in the World of Art, is now surgically possible by a skilled Plastic Surgeon for the human body. Sculpting the human body by removing fat and artistically reshaping the body to achieve an outstanding physical appearance is nothing short of an art..”

Dr.Prerna Mittal is an MBBS, MS, MCh (CMC LUDHIANA) & member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgery & Association of Plastic Surgeons of India.


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