‘Vaisakhi Da Swag’- a folk event at Punjab kala Bhawan

Photo By Vinay Kumar


15 April 2017


Punjab Arts Council organised a folk event ‘Vaisakhi Da Swag” on April 15th April 2017. As it is the First day, the Popular Punjabi Celebrities Sh. Harish Verma, Sh. Parmveer, Sh. Mehtab Virk were the starts of this wonderful evening making inauguration day more memorable. All these celebrities were honored by the Punjab Arts Council. the Another moment added to make this event more precious was the ‘Bulah’ play. The Play and the entire event was appreciated by the local audience.

About the Play “Bulha”

Written By :Shahid Nadeem

Driected By : Kewal Dhaliwal

The play ‘Bulha ‘ is a tribute to the great mystic. It is broadly based on the events of his life, as communicated through his poetry, historical records and popular myths. And there is no dearth of dramatic episodes in the life Bulleh Shah. His search for truth, his devotion to his mentor Shah Inayat, his conflict with the intolerant clergy and corrupt Nawabs, his oppositions to the wars and blood shed in the name of religion-all are incorporated as powerful scenes in the play. The play is also about the timed of Bulleh Shah and had a great relevance to present-day South Asia. It is a strong plea for love and peace, and an indictment against intolerance, violence and hatred ‘Bulha’ is not just Period play. It is also a celebration of the rich and vibrant culture of Punjab.

Play Cast 

Bullah Shah- Gurtej Maan

Inayat-  Gurtej Pandit/Pawandeep/ RajinderNagi

Bhatija- Sarabjit Lada/Abhishek

Muradi- Sukhwinder Virk/Sapna

Mufti- Pavel Sandhu/Deepak Kumar

Molvi Kasuri- Vikas Joshi/Ranjodh Singh

Singer- Lakhbir, Rajinder/Rhydham

Costume: Arvinder Kaur Dhaliwal

Sona: Harman

Chandi: Himanshu/ Manjinder


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