1 May 2022


Jyoti Thakur, who lives in Sector 38, ordered a veg hot dog from Uncle Jack 35 through Swiggy. Delivery boy delivered the order to her house in no time. After this, when Jyoti opened the packet, a non-veg hot dog came out in it.  On this she immediately called the company but the call could not be received.  After this, the girl gave all the information to the company through a message and said that Uncle Jack’s employees had sent wrong orders.
 A legal notice under section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act 2019 has been sent to both Uncle Jack’s and Swiggy against deficiency in service for hurting religious sentiments by Ujjval Bhasin, Senior Advocate for Consumer Affairs.

Jyoti told that her family is pure vegetarian.  Due to Uncle Jack’s carelessness and wrong delivery of Swiggy she ate non-vegetarian hot dogs.  Due to  company, non-vegetarian food has reached  her family for the first time.  The victim alleges that she and her family are vegetarians.  This is a big negligence  on the part of the restaurant operator and owner .  Therefore, a complaint has been made to the police and the food department chandigarh as well.


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