Unique book release: Archana R. Singh’s poetry anthology unveiled through a ‘performed poetry’ video showcase



19 August 2021


A unique ‘performed poetry’ was showcased to signal the formal unveiling of Dr. Archana R Singh, Professor, School of Communication Studies, PU’s collection of poems – ‘Kavita To Kahi Nahi’.  A preview of the 4-minute movie ‘based on poetry’ was held for the media. The act is a mix of storytelling and a dance piece on a poem in the book -‘Kabhi Vachal Kabhi Maun.’  Renuka Salwan, Director PR, PU, and columnist Renee Singh were also present at the screening.

Nisha Luthra, Co Founder of ‘The Narrators Performing Arts Society’ and director of the performed poetry piece said, ” We have tried to usher in a new ‘visual performance art’ initiative – ‘performed poetry’ in the region. This actually means visuals of movements & facial expressions by a performer  as lines of a poem are recited by the poet. I feel that if  a poem can be heard & read why cannot it be seen and felt too, this thought gave birth to the new ‘performance art style’.” 

 Nisha added, “We chose ‘Kabhi Vachal Kabhi Maun’ from Archana Ji’s collection of poems as it peep’s into the inner recesses of a woman’s heart.  A woman can spend hours trying to decipher the myriad emotions that flood her heart. She weighs and selects. She speaks and she doesn’t. She cries out and she stifles. She argues and she fumbles. All these aspects have been beautifully expressed in words by Archana Ji.”

The event which was held at Dance Dacha Elite Studios in Sec 9, also saw the formal unveiling of the poetic anthology  penned in Hindi by Dr. Archana R. Singh – ‘Kavita To Kahi Nahi’. The same was released by Dr. Archana R. Singh, Nisha Luthra and Jas K Shan, founder of Dance Dacha Elite and a well known dance instructor of Chandigarh, who has  enacted the ‘Performed Poetry’.

Dr. Archana R. Singh who feels  writing for her is therapeutic said, “This collection has sixty-two poems under six chapters.  It is clear from the book’s title ‘Kavita toh kahi nahi’, that the collection does not fit into the traditional genres of poetry. But one thing is clear that I am not escaping from the formality of structural format, and only trying to free my thoughts from any limitations. The poems are dedicated to women who have to work under so many constraints. At times a modern ,accomplished woman who seems happy and in control on the surface has struggles deep down, in keeping everyone around her happy she silences her inner voice.”

Jas K Shan said, “The fact that I enacted the performed poetry on a poem written by my mentor and professor from university Dr. Archana R. Singh fills me with pride. By all means it was convincing to be part of it as when Nisha told me that storyline I felt that the lines so well written by Archana ji have been penned just for me.”

The video of the performed poetry created is imaginative and presented slickly with a high level of production values. It was also informed that a virtual book launch will be held on August 20 in presence of author of ‘Kavita To Kahi Nahi’ Dr Archana R Singh, Dr Sumita Misra(IAS), Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Haryana, Manju Jaidka author and academician, Vivek Atray, Rani Balbir Kaur, Former Chairperson Dept. of Indian Theatre, PU, Renuka Salwan, Lippi Parida, Author, Painter, Sculptor & Photographer, Renee Singh, & Khushwant Singh, State Information Commissioner, Punjab.


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