12 March 2018


The gorgeous and versatile actor Minissha Lamba will be seen playing the role of Chandrakala (Vishkanya) in Sony SAB’s show Tenali Rama. The character of Vishkanya is that of a vicious and poisonous maiden. She is a beautiful assassin who reaches her target effortlessly without anyone realizing her presence. With a high level of poison in her blood, any human bitten or scratched by her can lose their life. Here’s getting to know the gorgeous actress better.

1) How does it feel to be a part of Sony SAB’s popular show Tenali Rama?

It feels great to be a part of this show. My friends who are an avid fans of the show gave me a lot of feedback as they watched it saying it’s a really fun show. After shooting for a couple of episodes, my friends actually asked me about how the actors are behind the scenes. I am really happy that this show is one that I make a debut on television with.

  1. What about this show made you accept it? How was your experience on the first day of the shoot?

The key factor that made me accept the show is that I am playing a very interesting negative character of Vishkanya who is an assassin. I haven’t played a negative character earlier and I am having a lot of fun playing Vishkanya. Going ahead, playing negative characters will be a lot of fun for me. The first day of the shoot was daunting as this is my first commercial daily soap. It’s incredible when I see the speed that we shoot scenes.

  1. Describe your character of Vishkanya?

Vishkanya is a poison maiden. In ancient times, a character like her was a part of folklore, a mythical character. The character is very interesting as she is a beautiful assassin who reaches her target effortlessly without any suspicion. She can kill swiftly with a bite or a scratch due to the high level of poison in her.

  1. How did you prepare for this role?

Honestly, I just landed on the sets and the director told me what to do. I asked what the traits of a Vishkanya are and figured that she is just like any other lady on the outside, but is actually a hidden assassin who comes with a hidden agenda.

  1. How is the equation with your co-stars?

  1. A) My co-stars are lovely and we hit it off really well from the first day. All of us sit across with Amma and Sharda and there’s there is fun and positive vibe on the sets.


  1. Will we now see you more on TV or is Bollywood still your first love?


  1. A) I really hope now that television becomes my staple diet. I am happy to be on television and I am really willing to do more work here. Now, TV is my first love.

  1. Who is your inspiration on television as well as Bollywood?

  1. A) On TV, I admire Mouni Roy because the kind of roles she plays. In Bollywood, I admire Priyanka Chopra.

8 .Any special message that you would like to give your fans?

  1. A) I appreciate my fans support and their feedback is very important so that I know how my role is being received.

Catch Minissha Lamba as Chandrakala only on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama from Monday to Friday at 8 pm! There was Sony SAB twice in this line



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