13 September 2022


With an aspiration to strengthen the wealth-generating capacity of the Paper, Energy & Chemical businesses in an extremely competitive and dynamic environment, the world’s largest wheat straw based paper manufacturer, Trident Group, has been employing a vast number of practices to make its operations with due regard to the health & safety of its members. Committed to providing a safe environment for its members, the group has designed health and safety measures keeping in mind the attainment of a top-notch work environment across the globe.

Honouring the efforts taken by the group, Trident has been awarded “Gold Award” Under Apex India Occupational Health & Safety Award 2022 by- Hon’ble Shri Chetan Singh (Health Minister, Govt. Of Punjab) , Hon’ble Retd. Major General Shri P.K. Saighal (Defense Expert of India & TEDx Speaker) , Hon’ble Shri Kulwant Singh Pandori (M.L.A. SAS Nagar Punjab), Hon’ble Dr. Avneesh Singh (Director General (Rtd.) DGFASLI (Directorate General Factory Advice Service & Labour Institutes)Ministry of Labour & Employment) (Govt. Of India)

Striving for continual improvement in Product Quality, OHS & EMS performance through teamwork, the group has adopted cutting-edge technologies, acquired relevant skills and competency towards effective business growth and development. To contribute to sustainable development, circulation of lagging & leading indicators on a monthly basis is done. Implementation of disciplinary action SOP for EHS violations is strictly followed and special safety drives to create awareness amongst the members for zero (fire & safety) incidents are organised. Nonetheless, the importance of mock drills and regular interaction with the team is taken care of to promote a safe workplace.

“At Trident Group, we are delighted to be recognised for our efforts in promoting a safe and healthy work culture. For the same, easy access to all safety systems on mobile has been provided to every member. After all, our members are the purpose of the organisation’s existence “, said Mr. Om, EHS Head.


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