31 July 2023


Two 13-year-old talented twin sisters from the tricity are all set to participate in the upcoming World Dance Festival in South Korea from August 3 to 9. The siblings, Tania and Tanisha, have been training at the local Rockstar Dance Academy since the age of four. Both have been selected to represent North India in the dance festival organized by International Dance Organisation, South Korea. More than 20 countries will participate in the championship.

Dance Director Sameer Mahajan, MD of Rockstar Academy, revealed that the twins had performed at the Dance World Cup in Bengaluru in April, where they bagged the first position among several contestants. Not only this, the duo were also winners at the Asia Pacific Dance Congress held in Dubai in June 2023, where renowned Bollywood choreographers Salman Yusuf Khan and Tushar Kalia were the judges.

“Our mentors have put in a lot of hard work and we are all set to take part in the upcoming competition in South Korea,” the girls said.

Choreographer Sakshi Rauthan explained their rigorous practice of different dance styles for each performance. Choreographer Harpreet Dubey, who teaches Kathak to both, says that Kathak blends expression, rhythm, and movements, so both are being groomed for fusion performance.

The sisters say, “We have learned every dance style and we are proud to represent India in the competition.”

The twins are trained in contemporary, salsa, belly, hip-hop, acrobats, bhangra, classical dance, etc., under the supervision of professional choreographers and the dance director from the Rockstar Academy. The Academy has 18 branches in Tricity and nearby.

The twins’ mother, Anamika Kashyap said, “Both the girls are dedicated to dance and wish to become world-class artists in the future. As a proud mother, I will always support them for their bright future.”

According to Sameer Mahajan, the girls’ routine is designed in such a way that they are exposed to the theory and practical techniques of each dance form. A versatile dancer should be adept at each and every dance style and the pair is setting an example for other students.


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