This week enjoy the wedding season on Zee Punjabi!



24 August 2021


The weather and wedding season  are the perfect combo to our hearts on these rainy days. To fulfil this wish the makers of the Zee Punjabi shows are all set to air wedding special episodes this week with the bouquet of surprise to the viewers. All the fans from Akhiyan Udeek Diyan and Chotti Jathani are curious to know how they got married or if they will marry or not.

So here comes the Maha episode for AKhiyan Udeek Diiyan where your ‘ Udeek ‘  for the much awaited show is going to be over .  Vikram and Naina are all set to tie the knot but this marriage is not going to take place so easily .  Along with Naina you all will also get to know about Vikram’s first marriage horrific story. Heart wrenching truth of Vikram’s  life which will break Naina’s heart.  Something unexpected, something hard to believe  is  going to happen  which will definitely amaze you . A final touch of  surprising  superstitions stories  will often fascinate you all.

Also, the season of marriage is not over yet as all the fans of Choti Jathani knows about the marriage between Zorawar and Ajooni is about to happen. This week you can enjoy the beats of their marriage with all the customs and traditions of Punjab. There is also a surprise and there are many hurdles still left for them to be together and all this create the curiosity and entertainment  to watch.

Thus to enjoy the marriage special week stay connected and watch Akhiyan Udeek Diyan and Choti Jathani on Zee Punjabi from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.


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