The Dancing Dentist conducts an Interactive session on Bharatanatyam at St Kabir Public School



8 October 2022


Dr. Varun Khanna, the famous ‘Dancing Dentist’, was invited to his alma mater, Saint Kabir Public School for a talk-cum-demonstration based interactive session with the students.
Dr. Varun spoke about and answered questions related to the history, origin, relevance, and evolution of the ancient classical dance form from Tamil Nadu, the scope of taking it as a career, his own journey, and the urgent need for help that should be provided by the government for young artistes of calibre who wish to pursue it as a career.

He presented two pieces from his gurus’ repertoire, a traditional offering of Pushpanjali, showcasing the technical aspect, and another emoting piece to show how Bharatanatyam has evolved over time and how it is performed in different languages across the world. Dr. Varun Khanna said, “I felt privileged to present a programme at my previous school. It was a proud moment for me. The audience particularly appreciated the Krishna thumri – Main toh nahi jaun, janani jamuna teer.”


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