29 July 2017


Music industry has many contributor and I Prabh Joban will be stepping in that too with my up coming single “TERA PUTT” in collaboration with Open Hands Media. It will the debut video of Open Hands Media Production. Lyrics penned by Anmol Dhillon and Music by Johny Vickk. The song will be depicting a relation between a son and a father. It’s a great bond a part from being mere a relation but how it evolve from that phase. A father being abusive and strict to the son and the son tries to make those abusive a way to his success. A part from the son tries to fulfill the wishes of his father. I hope it will gain some place in the heart of the audience.

In future to I will be continuing my journey with my Folk Singing. I am going to try every genre of singing but folk singing will be my first preference. My up coming songs will be based on social issues, bhangra beat song, commercial and life like songs based on human relations and emotions. I would also like to release kavishri, vaar, lok tath etc. its my dream to sing those. Open Hands Media is also interested in these singing genres and they will be work on that too.

The song “Tera Putt” will be collaborated with Open Hands Media under the label Infra Records and Jassi Bains Productions, Project by Rishi Mehta Special thanks Mandeep Bhadaur. The song will be release on YouTube and Telecasted on Punjabi Hits Channel.

Poster release by:- Narinder Nina, Amrit Pal Singh, Gurkirpal Surapuri, Bai Amarjit, DesiRoutz Hardeep, Harkirat Pal Singh, Atvinder Singh.


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