Taking Sartorial Risks and not following other people is what makes you stand out : Babi Grewal and Honii Sandhu



2 August 2017


Everyone has to take their own path to success, and it feels great to hear from those who have achieved similar goals to what you’re setting out for.

The duo, Honii Sandhu and Babi Grewal is ready to bring their latest collection under one stop destination called “Honii B”. A unique name given, isnt’t it?

Blessed with a distinctive aesthetic sense and a unique style, Chandigarh City Based Honii Sandhu, has made a mark in the field of fashion. Her enviable artistic and finesse creations lends an exquisite flavour to interiors and wedding trousseau. She is a qualified interior designer and her designs have not only graced a number of homes, but her creations have also given definition to the clothes of the elite of India and various countries the world over. The elegance and class that accompanies her signature style has been extended to planning weddings as well have been a huge success. When asked about her clothing, she said “Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together”.

We will know Babi Grewal who is into this fashion industry from last 27years which is a remarkable time to have been spent in the industry and designing clothes for everyone from common to celebrities like Neeru Bajwa, Teena Deol (Bobby Deol’s Wife), Supriya Pathak, Dolly Guleria and Sargun Mehta too. She designs the stuff and apparels more on traditional but not modern themes and the exclusivity lies in bridal wear with lots n lots of designs, motifs on a good and fine clothing material too. When asked about the fashion industry, Babi said, “Fashion is not necessarily about labels, not about brands too, its about something else that comes from within you”

Both Babi and Honii are enthusiastic to have start the work together and are expecting a lot from this association. They are now coming up with a new Pret Line at very affordable prices.


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