3 April 2019
Taco Bell, the world’s leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant brandis all set to introduce its Biggest, blockbuster offering of the year – the Big Bell Box.
Aimed at redefining the existing value meal space in India, the Big Bell Box presents consumers their favorite Taco Bell menu items in this ultimate meal box. Just like a good blockbuster movie, the Big Bell Box is a complete paisa vasoolmeal which offers a variety of products. Catering to varied taste preferences, the Big Bell Box casts a soft BURRITO roll, filled with fajita veggies and SRIRACHA SAUCEas – the HERO of the meal offering, and the crunchy TACO with pinto beansas the LEAD ACTOR; while the MEXICAN FRIES, CINAMMON TWISTS and UNLIMITED PEPSI round up the star cast of the unique meal. 
This one box solution for all your Taco cravings is available across all Taco Bell stores for INR 199 only.


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