Students learn to make expensive scientific equipment at MCM

Photo By Vinay Kumar


27 March 2017


The Physics Department of MCM DAV College for Women organised a Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) sponsored workshop-cum-demonstration on Experimental Physics. Dr. Renu Bedi, Head of Physics department informed that the workshop had two-fold objectives- one was to provide hands-on training to the students and the second was to enable them to create scientific equipment, which is generally very expensive in the market, from junk or discarded material available at home.

Prof. Amarjit Singh, Department of Physics, GADC conducted this highly informative and enriching workshop. About 40 participants benefited from this workshop where they performed various experiments like finding wavelengths of light using Newton’s rings experiment with blue LED, calculation of efficiency of electric kettle, calculation of impedance of an LCR circuit, etc.

Principal of the College Dr. Nisha Bhargava appreciated this effort of the department to broaden the horizons of the students by teaching them the practical applicability of the subject.


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