Steelbird Baghaat Corporate League 2022 presents Cricket League Franchise Auction



24 November 2021


Steelbird Baghaat Corporate League 2022 presented Cricket League Franchise Auction. Baldev Sharma, President and Varun Gautam, Vice President SBCL T20 are bringing this League with the purpose of promoting sports in orphanages and slum area children. This is to help them in their education through the NGO named ‘Trayaksh’ or ‘Nanha Masoom’. Registration is in progress.
Baldev Sharma said that there are 6 teams involved in the auction including Chandigarh Super Kings,  Panchkula Warriors, Himachal Strikers, Mohali Tigers, Zirakpur Fighter and Ambala Panthers. The base price to buy a team is Rs.50,000 and there is no higher limit. All the money will be donated to the NGO and after all expenses whatever income is generated through the NGO that will be used to help above mentioned children in sports and education. 

Varun Gautam said that there will be three seasons per year comprising 20 matches in each season. The venue for the match is JR East Institute of Cricket, Barwala, which is already booked for one year. Match will start from the first week of January, 2022 on weekends. After the team auction there will be a player auction for which the registration process is on at 

Associated members of SBCL are: Secretary – Karun Gautam, Joint Secretary – Prem Lal, Comptroller – Sunil Singh, abd additional members -Subhash Sharma and Punit Singh. The auction was successful and the following teams are purchased by Panchkula Warriors –Varun Gautam, Himachal Strikers – Baldev Sharma, Ambala Panthers –Ashok Malik and Amit Malik, Chandigarh Super Kings – UUB Associates, Zirakpur Fighters –Avinash APS Group, Mohali Tigers –Vineet and Bhupesh from Kyross.

Once the registration is closed, SBCL management will shortlist final 200 players for auction on 5th December, 2021 and the player have to pay an amount of Rs 600 to NGO as auction participation fees. The maximum bid for a player is Rs 25,000. A total of 120 players will be sold to 6 teams having 20 players in each. Each team have maximum purse value of Rs 1,00,000 to buy players. 

The base price for each corporate player is Rs 3000. 10% of the player amount will be deducted and will be given to the winning team in 3 parts per season. Their future plan is to promote the cricket league at upper level so that through the funds generated they could help the orphanage and slum children and help them in their education. 


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