27 March 2020


For over a decade, monuments, historical buildings and landmarks across the country have celebrated Earth Hour by switching off non-essential lights for an hour on the last Saturday of March. Earth Hour and Lights Out became the global symbol of a binding resolve to protect and conserve our planet. As world grapples with Covid19 pandemic, forcing nationwide lockdowns across the globe, Earth Hour 2020 is set to be celebrated digitally. From social media challenges to adding Voice for the Planet, Earth Hour 2020 is urging people to come together to pledge to protect the planet and it’s amazing and varied biodiversity.

We live in a connected world and here social distancing is not social isolation. Even in this time of social distancing we canjoin millions of fellow citizens, celebrities and icons to celebrate EARTH HOUR and take a pledge to save our planet. From the confines of your home participate in the interesting melange of activities that WWF India has put together. From being Voice for the Planet to switching off non-essential lights, the Earth Hour Kit at will provide you with many options of what can be done this Earth Hour while being at home:
1. Be the Voice for the Planet: Inspired individuals can take their GIVEUP pledge and lend their voice for the planet by recording and sharing their video message. Tell us what you will GIVEUP to give back to nature and people this Earth Hour. 
2. Take the Step Up for the Planet Challenge: Grammy award composer, Ricky Kej has specially created a music score for this Earth Hour. We are using this score and asking you to do innovative dance moves for the planet.  At the time of lockdown, this will not only provide a window for physical exercise but will also bring out the creative juice in you. Click here to see how to participate in the StepUpForThePlanet Challenge
3. Discover the GIVEUP Warrior in you: Each one of us can do simple things in our daily lives to be GIVEUP Warriors and we have created special GIVEUP characters for Earth Hour 2020. who have taken it upon themselves to inspire a better planet. Check them out and discover the planet superhero in you! 
4. Earth Hour Quiz: Take the Earth Hour Quiz and brag about your score on social media. At the end of it, if you didn’t already know them all, you’ll learn a little more about the planet and share the knowledge with others. 
5. Switch Off: And yes don’t forget to Switch Off! Yes, on the 28th March 2020 between 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm and share with us what you did during the hour as a family. Remember to share your switch off pictures and preferably videos and we shall tell the world how India came together to switch off and switch on for the planet. Share your pictures and videos on social media tagging us @wwfindia
The Earth Hour campaign, the largest grassroot global campaign on conservation by the WWF network, has always endeavoured to bring conservation issues to the forefront by engaging governments, leaders, businesses and civil society. The simple act of switching off lights for an hour has led to bigger changes around policy at a global level. In India, the campaign takes forward the GiveUp to Give Back initiative through Earth Hour 2020, in an effort to build awareness and engagement around the need to give up excessive consumption and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle for the planet and its people.  
Speaking about Earth Hour 2020, Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General and CEO, WWF India, said, “These are challenging times and WWF India stands united with the country and the world in our resolve to fight the spread of the Covid19 virus and protect our planet and people. We believe this is the time when the importance and linkage of Nature and biodiversity to our existence and well-being reaffirms itself.  Let us use this time to reflect on how we can GIVEUP wasteful consumption to give back to nature and people. We urge you to observe Earth Hour from the safety of your homes and stay safe!”  
Going digital with Earth Hour will bring out the creativity in us. Creativity in times of a lockdown. We at WWF India also hope that it will make people think. Think about the future and the choices they will make to preserve the future for generations to come.


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