Spiritual Power Research organized Meditation Camp for Media Fraternity


Photo By Vinay Kumar


9 March 2017


Spiritual Power Research Organization layed a first step in  the green city and provided a chance to our city to attain the blessings from Acharya Suresh Pushpakarun when he stepped in Chandigarh Press Club and discussed about his journey towards world peace assisted with Reiki Master Inu Prashar.

According to Spiritual Power Research Organization Leaders Pt. Narender Sharma, Abhishek Malik and the followers who were present say  meditation is the not only way towards world peace. World peace is a very big term that includes resolution to all problems that we face in our day to day life either diseases, depressions, aggression and all other negative energies.

Spiritual Power Research Organization is planning More than 100 events in India in First Phase this year (most of them free of cost), So that maximum of people covering all major cities should be aware about the power of meditation and understand the energies around them and can control them to live a peaceful life. Reason beyond targeting major cities is because leaders say the people who require our help is in metro cities of India suffering from day to day stress, anxiety etc starting from our city.

Spiritual Power Research Organization own More than 400 Meditation And Reiki treatment centers in 50 different countries and soon going to launch about 100 in India under the leadership of Mr . R S Malik.

Spiritual Power Research Organization’s leaders says we need a great effort to see results in India because the stress level of the country is one of the highest in the world as per records. Spiritual Power Research organisation has more than 1 million followers mostly from European and western countries in which 80% of consider the mission as their religion.



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