Solar cold storage will change the lives of farmers, now even small farmers will be able to store fruits and vegetables: ONE Touch Cooling Solution



22 March 2024


An organization related to Chandigarh has developed the technology to preserve fruits and vegetables for several days with solar energy. Small cold storages running on solar energy will prove to be a boon for farmers.
Even small farmers will now be able to store their crops easily. Farmers will no longer have to travel to huge cold storages to store their crops.

Sunil Yadav, Founder, One Touch Cooling Solutions Chandigarh, in collaboration with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, along with his technical team, has developed a model of small cold storage run by solar energy. By using this model, farmers will be able to easily store their fruits and vegetables at low cost.
Generally, it costs crores of rupees to build a cold storage, cold storage owners charge a good amount of money from the farmers for storage. This has a direct impact on those small farmers who come to the markets every day to sell their crops, but due to pressure from commission agents and not getting fair prices in the market, they are forced to sell their fruits and vegetables at low prices.
Keeping this problem in mind, a technology has been invented which can be operated with solar energy on very less land. For this, farmers prepare a room in a small part of their field and install solar plates on its roof. And the freezer in that room keeps the fruits and vegetables kept inside the room fresh for a long time with the help of that solar energy.
Yadav told that it costs only two to three lakh rupees to make this Farm Sunfreeze. For this, small groups of farmers will be formed and they will be given training along with financial support to build this solar cold storage chain. The trained people of the team will also provide technical assistance to the farmers to make this farm Sunfreeze. This Sunfreeze can be constructed on a very small area of land and can be expanded as per the storage capacity. At present this trial will be completed soon.


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