Social Media ‘Queen’ Swati Chauhan is ruling young hearts



10 April 2018


Opened up your social media and saw a pretty lady creating ripples with her dance moves and cute expressions? Don’t know who this cute little dame is? Well, this lady is Shimla based Swati Chauhan, who has caught the fancy of the netizens. Swati has become a sensation because of her dance videos on YouTube, Instagram and Like app.
With more than 1.05 million followers and some 249 posts on her Like handle, Swati is famous as QUEEN’s era. She is currently pursuing her studies at Panjab University, Chandigarh along with following her passion of dancing and acting. An Economics student, she had started posting her videos in August 2017 following her mother’s suggestion. Swati readily agrees that her mother is her inspiration who has always motivated her to pursue her heart and be independent.
Talking about herself, Swati said, “I love performing, be it singing, dancing or acting. However going the Tinseltown way is a bit difficult, there are so many talented faces looking for that one chance. I think social media is the best platform to showcase your strengths because it is the podium of youths. You get noticed. When I had shared my first video, I was a bit apprehensive but the response it garnered was overwhelming. I have 1.05 million followers on Like and I thank each one of them for supporting me.”
Swati is preparing for something related to her passion for performing and entertaining, however she did not divulge any details.


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