ShareChat #MAA4ME campaign generated over 30,000 UGC posts & 1 crore 61 lakhs views in Punjabi Language 

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15 May 2020


More than 30,000 UGC posts generated in Punjabi Language around #MAA4ME campaign announced by ShareChat on May 9th for 5days  to commemorate motherhood and to recognize all the selfless efforts made by the mothers.

A special 5 day campaign was exclusively designed by ShareChat from 9th-13th May 2020 to celebrate Mother’s Day across 15 languages on the platform including Punjabi Language. Campaign aimed to recognize the efforts of all mother warriors who are handling work at home in the tough lockdown situation while managing the well being of all family members. ShareChat Punjabi language users participated in this campaign with full spirit showering their love and respect for their mothers in their mother language.

ShareChat’s MAA4ME campaign in Kannada Language generated more than 30,000 UGC posts with over 16 million views (1 crore 61 lakhs)  and over 3 lakh 35 thousand shares on whatsapp.  Total video plays of the video UGC created on the platform crossed 50 lakhs. 

Various exciting campaigns were executed in the 5 day Maa4ME campaign right from launching Special web cards to relate users to their mothers’ qualities. In total, over 7000 web cards of different mothers’ names were created and posted by Punjabi language users to match their qualities.

Under #NolockdownforMAA campaign,  users posted videos, pictures of how their mothers are tirelessly working for home and families during this lockdown. #MAAkafavorite was another exciting theme where users across languages shared their mothers most used phrases. As part of the #Noworkday4MAA campaign, many users supported their mothers in the household chores and gave them rest for the day.

#10yearchallengewithMAA was the most celebrated campaign generated the maximum UGC content posts with  10 years old pics of mother-child duos. More than 8000 UGC was generated on this campaign with over 12 lakhs views 

ShareChat recognizes all mothers who are directly or indirectly are part of ShareChat platform and celebrates their contribution towards building a better tomorrow.


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