Shabad Langar will be a boon for school children



15 July 2021


Everyone is realizing the need for radical changes in the existing education system to address the problems of youth in backward areas and backward classes, Society for Education and Awareness in Backward Areas in its Lehra Gaga school has taken the first step in this direction  by implementing the ShabdLangar Personalised Futuristic Curriculum (SLPFC).

This curriculum focuses on developing the skills that will help students to meet the challenges of new digital era and also learn how to work with digital machines.

At present, elite schools are providing such education which enables rich children to get middle class employment through institutions like IITs and IIMs. But this new program, being so affordable is a ray of hope for the poor children or the mass.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh MD of Good Learning Software Services, driving this dream project called  Shabd Langar said that this movement that has been kick started from SEABA International Public School is not restricted to any one religion or community but aims for the betterment of all and to provide uniform world class education.

SEABA Chairman S. Kanwaljit Singh said that SEABA would leave no stone unturned in implementing this program so that this school, which has adopted the latest technology, could prove to be a mile stone for rest of the world.

Amarjit Singh Grewal, Advisor of ShabdLangar said that in the Sikh tradition the langar of education has been given equal importance as the langar of food. The Gurdwaras too were conceived as centres of learning among other things. Understanding the importance of this, the role of Gurdwaras in imparting the futuristic curriculum has been included.

The project director of ShabdLangar, Dr. Sonu Grewal said that in order to realize the dream of Amarjit Singh Grewal, a powerful app and high-quality content has been developed and a new policy has been introduced to address the problems related to education. Under this, 360-degree learning of school children and training of teachers for flipped teaching has been included on priority basis.

Amarjit Grewal also said that in the existing system the purpose of the school was limited to preparing the children for admission in the major institutions of Higher learning.   In addition, ShabdLangar Personalised Futuristic Curriculum (SLPFC) ensures students will be equipped with skills required for Twenty first century jobs.  Apart from this our portal will give the students an opportunity to Earn while they Learn.


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