Session on Skin problems held at MCM



15 February 2017


The Medical Committee of MCM DAV College for Women organised a highly informative lecture cum interactive session on the pertinent topic of ‘Teenage Skin Problems’. Dr. Sheenam Sharma, a renowned dermatologist of Chandigarh shed light on the topic.

Beginning her lecture with the structure and functioning of healthy skin, Dr. Sharma went on to elaborate on the physiological and biological problems that stem from unhealthy skin. She further elucidated on the skin care routine to be followed for different skin types and for different age groups. The lecture was followed by valuable counselling session for the faculty and students during which the expert responded to individual queries.

MCM Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava lauded this endeavour of the Medical Committee to create awareness about and address the problems that many individuals face these days and to encourage adoption of practices for a healthy living.


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