27 May 2019


Aryans Business School, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh organized a seminar on Banking Skills ‘How to be safe and smart with your Money’. Mr. Sahil Sharma, Disha Trust Foundation and Mr. Sushant, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance were the keynote speakers on the occasion. Students of MBA, BBA, B.Com, BA and Law attended the seminar. The main motive of the session was to spread Financial Literacy among the students.

Sahil Sharma advised students to stay away from schemes that promise extraordinary return offers. He said that there are various chain marketing schemes which operate at various levels in the country and cheat even the poorest of people. He also advised students about various investment schemes being run by the Banks and Insurance Companies.

Mr. Sushant discussed various strategies by which one can be smart and safe with handling money. He gave the demo of the four-stage process and five key planning concepts for the investors. He said that inflation is the permanent risk for the investors and is difficult for one to avoid. The only way to overcome inflation is by smart investing. Various assets for keeping the money safe were also discussed with the students.


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