Savera Charitable Trust expands its footprints nationally

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9 March 2020


Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister for Sports and Youth Services & NRI Affairs, Government of Punjab, launched Savera Charitable Trust, a non-profit organization at the India International Centre today. The charitable trust will address issues of wellness, women & child, environment and sustainability through sustainable and impactful work.

The trust believes in the fusion of the power of ideas, power of sustainable collaborative outreach programs and the power of awareness to build a unified, progressive and rational India. It has been working in rural communities for the last 15 years, especially in Ferozepur district of Punjab.

Raghumit Singh Sodhi, who is the Managing Trustee of the Trust, said, “Our initiatives in rural wellness and community development, aiding medical urgencies, providing vocational training, blood donation camps, assisting and showcasing the work of rural artisans in Punjab have made a huge impact in the communities we serve. Now we are taking our activities nationwide under four new verticals: Wellness, Environment Sustainability, Young India and Woman & Child. We have started Savera to do that little good and address the evils of today for a better tomorrow.”

During the sidelines of the event Feed or Bleed India, a short film by Susheel Jangira on menstrual awareness and use of sanitary napkins was screened on the sidelines of the event. The screening was followed by a panel discussion on “Sustainable Actions for an Impactful Change” among Ms Shazia Ilmi, Dr Samir Parikh, Mr Arvind Uppal, Ms Sonu Bhasin, Mr Neeraj Sharan and Mr Sohail Madan.

During the panel discussion, Dr Samir Parikh, Director of Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis National Mental Health Program and Member, Board of Advisors, Savera Charitable Trust said, “We would like to create awareness about issues that are still considered taboo and strive to help the underprivileged and rural sections of the society in achieving wellness. The aim is to develop initiatives that are holistic and focus on a healthy mind that can reside in a healthy body. Our initiatives not only focus on physical health but also on mental and emotional health which is an integral part of well-being.”

The advisory board of the Trust include some of the renowned names like Lt. Gen Vijay Singh, Mr Vinod Kumar Duggal, Dr Samir Parikh, Ms Neetu Mehta, Mr Arvind Uppal, Ms Sonu Bhasin, Mr Neeraj Sharan, Ms Namrata Bali & Mr Anirudh Taparia.

The four new verticals are:

Wellness: The Trust will strive to help the underprivileged and rural sections of the society in achieving wellness through our initiatives that are holistic, focusing on a healthy mind that can reside in a healthy body.

Environment Sustainability: The Trust understands the importance of co-existing with the environment and focus on actions that lead to sustainable changes. The organisation will work towards creating a safe environment by influencing positive change in behaviour patterns by educating the rural population in and around valuable ecosystems to secure resources, wildlife, and wetlands.

Young India: The Trust believes India is the youngest nation globally; we can focus on the power of the youth by honing their skills through volunteer programmes, awareness programmes, and skill development programmes.

Woman & Child: An important yet vulnerable part of the socio-economic pool is women and children. Our programmes will address health and gender equity, provide opportunities that develop skills and knowledge. We will work towards improving maternal and infant health and more


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